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Sense Home Energy Monitor 


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Space Quilt/ TCM

Click Here to purchase Space Quilt attic and wall insulation

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(TCM)tm, the ultimate attic insulation for any climate


Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless Mini Split heat pumps are the future of how to be comfortable and save on your monthly energy bills.
We've seen reductions over 60% after the installation of one or more of these super efficient units.



1 ton ductless heat pump in a master bedroom.  You've never slept with such comfort before!
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A 1 ton ductless system that used exclusively to maintain comfort in the living room and kitchen area.  This efficient AUX
unit prevents a 2.5 ton roof top package unit from running! 

Click here for more information on this innovative technology.  Most every country in the world uses these units currently.


Diamondback Wall System

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The highest performing wall system ever developed. The project below broke energy use records for consumption and comfort. 

Thermal Control Panels

These are pre-cut EPS foam panels that are designed to be mated with our TCM product line and
used to replace conventional insulation batts.  More peformance, no carcinogens and simpleIndependent.

Thermal Control panels installed up agains a roof deck.  No insulation is needed, only
TCM and the panels.  No fasteners, clips or staples are required. 



Simply pust the Thermal Control Panel (TCP), between the studs, trusses or rafters. 
TCP's are available for framing 16" on center and 24" on center.

What was once the hotteprecut on the Southwest corner bedroom is now comfortable
and no fiberous insulation was used.  


Downdraft Package Heat Pumps 
                        Need a new rooftop heat pump?  Well perhaps you dont! 
 Before you spend $7,000 on a new heatperformancech out to us for a much lower cost and higher efficiency option.  However,
if your inefficient rooftop heat pump does need replacing, click on the link below to see how and why we are better than the
other options which use an elbow.  Call 602 867 3176 for a free consulation. 


Considering a new heat pump or A/C system? Installing 
the unit in a down draft configuration is the best way to go click here



Home Electric Monitoring System
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Sense Listens

Every electrical device has a unique electronic signature — its own voice. The Sense home energy monitor listens to those voices through current sensors in your electric panel. It records them millions of times per second. Then advanced machine learning detection algorithms work to distinguish one appliance from another — to recognize each individual voice. Over time, more and more devices are discovered as the Sense community grows.


How it works

1) Install the Sense monitor in your electric panel.
2) Download the app for iOS or Android.
3) Connect the monitor to Wi-Fi.
4) Start listening! Monitor your power use in real-time right away.
5) Over the next few weeks, Sense will start automatically identifying devices, reveal trends in your power use, and keep getting smarter!

Set goals, budgets, and custom alerts

Are you blindly paying your electrical bill without knowing where that money is going? Reduce your energy use with device level notifications, and set goals to track your progress and stay on budget.


Always learning

There are many devices Sense can’t yet detect, but as the Sense community grows, the machine learning algorithms gather more data. And with more data, Sense will start to identify new devices, so your Sense will just keep getting smarter!


Tubular Skylights
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Kitchen before: Used to be lit with nine ceiling cans using 100watts each
This is the result of installing an 18" tubular skylight. 
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