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                                                                                     PROPRIETARY PATENTED SUSTAINABLE BUILDING PRODUCTS



Now is the time to consider getting prepared to make your home energy efficient, comfortable with improved indoor
air quality.  If you have a solar system now, let us show you how our products can help you maximize the system by
implementing a Dencorload controller, Space Quilt reflective insulation, Daikin ductless mini splits and more.

If you are considering solar, make your home efficient before you purchase solar.  
"Reduce then Produce".  This is
our specialty and we have something for every home. 
You may find your energy consumption near net zero with half
the size array...and 1/2 the ROI.

Spring is here and time to prepare for high summer bills.   Reach out to us for a free estimate on lowering your energy bill using
our proprietary, patented products on your remodel, energy makeover or new construction project.

Our Innovative Building Products were chosen for ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition 
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         This is what we can do to your energy bill.  Call or email for details.

We have proprietary products we've designed and manufacture and carry only
proven, tested products to help you meet your goals. 

The Truth about attic insulation. 
Insulation acts like a sweater trapping heat 

Hot rooms?  Rooms different tempertures? High heating or cooling bills?
TCM Space Quilt 

Hot Attic?   Hot Garage?  Hot work areas? 
German Attic Fan                        

This the future of HVAC, comfort and increased indoor air quality
Ductless MiniSplit  (We now have solar powered ductless systems!)

Thinking of installing solar?  In Arizona? Make your home efficient before you add solar!
"Reduce then Produce".   Call for a free home analysis today!  602 867 3176

 Click here for solutions on how to lower your demand charges.

Building New?  Remodeling?  Need to turn your patio into a comfortable living space? 

Turn your Arizona Room into a comfortable.

Reach out to us for advice.  Call for available consultation times.  602 867 3176 

 Before adding more attic insulation in a hot climate: Click here 

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       Before you consider purchasing any energy saving products, heat pumps, shade screens or attic insulation, have a BPI Certified Energy Auditor advise you on how best to achieve your goals of lower bills and increased


        Call and schedule today!  602 867 3176 or email:

     A BPI certified home inspector will evaluate your home, identify problems and write you a succinct proposal for the solutions. 
    The demand went from 12kw to 3.5kw and the comfort was significantly increased.  Here's what the home owners have to say:
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 The time has come to move quickly on making decisions to reduce our consumption of finite, fossil fuels, propagate renewable energy and nurture our planet.  All of us are caretakers and have a responsibility to make changes at every level and inculcate into our children and others, by example, a move in this direction. 

We must immediately address archaic building codes which are not climate specific and begin using available proven technologies as found on this site.  We need to move now to build more energy efficient, sustainable and comfortable homes and buildings.  Our proven products will help you meet these goals.  Before building, buying or remodeling, read this web site thoroughly and please be prepared to "think outside the box".    

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