Controlling window heat gain in hot sunny climates

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Many homeowners attempt and reducing heat gain through windows by installing shutters, shades, drapes, blinds, anything to reduce the heat. The room feels cooler but is it? Perhaps you feel it's cooler because it's darker? Fact is, anything (unless it's reflective), absorbs the infrared heat, transfers into covection and thus flows up the wall to the ceiling.

We see this home after home, window after window with our infrared camera, a defined "reverse waterfall" (that's what it looks like), of heat flowing up the above the window, heating up the wall and then on to the ceiling. Once infrared heat comes through the glass it's in your house to stay, regardless of whether it's hitting the floor, walls, blinds, shutters or curtains.

Controlling heat gain or heat loss through windows is easy by using a coated film product. The days of bubbling, purple window tints are over. The 90's ushered in a new realm of sputter coated high performance films which have stable, water based adhesives that don't bubble or change color, guaranteed. You can be certain we have the right film for your needs. Our window films offer complete privacy, comfort, security, and energy conservation. The brand we carry has warranties and protection against glass breakage due to heat transfer.

These films fall into two categories:

* Films with a slight tint to them and a reflective surface (most common), lower cost

* Films that are clear with a very thin coating of gold or titanium. Higher cost, better value The tinted films reduce heat flow by 45% and UV by 90%, the clear films reduce heat flow by 88% and UV by 95%.

Types of windows:

*Single pane glass - allows transfer of radiant heat, UV and conducts heat in both directions.

*Dual pane glass better for cold climates as the dead airspace (or argon filled), limits conduction and convection.

*Low E (Low Emissivity) windows control the movement of radiant heat by using a thin, almost clear metalized film between the double panes of glass.


How to save: Simply measure your windows in inches, how many panes per window and what room they are located in. Only measure the glass area, not the frame.

Then, use the following information to approximate what it will cost installed (we will email a firm quote):

*Standard glass windows (single or dual pane) are $4.50/square foot installed.

*For French doors or older windows with multiple panes per window add $1.50/square foot installed.

*Cost for removal of existing window film is $1 per square foot.

All of the films we carry have an unconditional warranty which covers bubbling, fading, turning purple or glass breakage due to heat expansion. In short, the best warranty in the business, this is why we only specify quality films.

Once we get your measurements we will calculate the total square footage based on the pricing above and email you a firm quote. We offer free samples as well! If you would like a sample please include your mailing address information in your email. Madico Neutral Gray is approved by all home owners associations and the Huper Optix cannot be seen, except on your energy bill.

Price includes installation and product. No hidden costs. Simply measure the total square footage and contact us to obtain your free quote. Applications are completed by trained, certified installers.

If you are really looking to reduce heat gain in your home dont forget that our patented Thermal Control Membrane (TCM) paired with our quiet and efficient German attic fans will reduce anywhere from 30%-50% from your electric usage.

Email in your window dimensions today to pleasesavenrg@gmail.com! You can also call us at 602-867-3176.