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Welcome, we are glad you stopped by. You are about to embark on a journey of knowledge and
history. You will learn why buildings are built the way they are and why building products, specifically products
that affect energy consumption, have not changed in the last 50 years. 
The US building code still requires you blow a wad of carcinogenic fibers above your ceiling and
pack it into the walls to "save energy".  
Nothing could be farther from reality and can easily be proven using the basic laws of thermodynamics,

physics and logic. 
Scroll through our products and if the explanation of how they work or how they are applied please
drop us an email for additional infomation. 

Summer is coming!
Keeping heat out of your home is easily done by installing our patented Thermal Control Membrane over
your existing insulation.  Acting like a flexible Thermos Bottle it keeps heat in during the winter and
out during the summer. 

This is what your roof looks like at 9am in a desert home.  The white rectangles are the
infrared thermal signature of the hot roof deck.
The blue lines are the coolest temperature and "x" in the upper left hand corner of the
image says "109.3F".  The hottest temperature in the image is the roof deck at 126.8. 
What's more important to "see" in this image is the effect the hot roof has on the insulation,
which is being beamed with infrared heat at 186,000 miles per second, the speed of light.
This is why it appears the top of the insulation is being lit up by the hot roof deck. 
This is at 9am.  By 2pm the top of the insulation is glowing white like the roof deck as are
the 2x4 wood trusses.  
Then, the sun goes down.  The roof becomes cool from deep space irradiation but the

insulation acting as a giant heat sink is storing all the infrared heat against the ceiling
making the house hard to cool and expensive to acheive comfort long into the night.
High energy bills and uncomfortable homes are not a problems, they are symptoms.  
The source of the problem is the amount heat that's moves into a building.  Significantly
reduce the heat and the symptoms are significantly reduced at the same time. 

This recent email should be read before purchasing attic insulation to keep your house
cooler in a warm climate:

"I have a house in New Mexico and I'm at my wits' end. I've had a lot of
insulation work done in my attic and it's now R-50, but the house is
still incredibly uncomfortable in summer. In fact after adding 10" of
fiberglass to the attic floor, I spent more money on cooling than I did
during the prior summer, and the house was much less comfortable, too."

Nate C.

We have developed, field tested (with Arizona State University) and
now manufacture a line products specifically designed for a desert
environment.  Products for new construction and retrofit applications.

Signficantly less run time during on peak hours
Cooler in the Summer and Warmer in the winter
Comfort is increased all year
Significantly lower energy bills (read our what our customers have to say)
Lowers Carbon Footprint


This is Thermal Control Membrane, the most effective attic insulation in the world for hot or cold climates and the only radiant barrier with a lifetime performance warranty. 
Conventional fibrous insulation is designed to keep heat in, not out, like a sweater.  

How does it work? Rather than resist the flow of heat like conventional fibrous insulation, TCM changes the direction of heat.  The results?  Lower energy consumption, doubles the life of the HVAC equipment, increases comfort Click here  



Reliable, quiet, balanced and efficient German Attic Fans.  We have been installing these
and selling them on our online store for 15 years.  Best fan in the world. 
 click here  

TCM Steel Building Insulation



The highly reflective surface facing out is very effective and rejects 97% of the heat hitting it.
Keeps heat in just as effectively in cold climates.  Think of TCM as a flexible Thermos Bottle. 


The inside surface is a white poly laminate that is durable enought to be rip resistand and
offers a clean finish which brigthens the building. 

Do you currently have or plan on erecting a steel building? There is a more efficient and more healthy 
means of stopping heat without breathing fiberglass for the life of the building.  
TCM Steel Building Insulation          Click here 


Considering a new heat pump or A/C system? Installing 
the unit in a down draft configuration is the best way to go click here


Ductless Mini Split Heat pumps

   Small, (very quiet) outdoor unit                   Small (very quiet) indoor unit

This is a 1 ton system that runs on 120v.  This only uses 700 watts per ton vs a rooftop unit that uses
1600 watts per ton.  When a mini sp

Ductless heat pumps and a/c units slash energy costs!  Turn your main system off during expensive
on peak hours and run this 1 ton unit at only 700 watts vs the 8,500 watts for your big unit.  No compromise in 
comfort.  Summer Specials now in effect.   

Systems starting at $1550 installed.  Click here for more information and images of installed systems. 





Load Controller for residential and commerical applications

Click here for more information



Roof Vents
While visiting the Texas A&M energy laboratory we saw this vent on the bench which was being tested.  The simple design immediately illustrated the benefits superior to anything we had been using previously.  We offer these Aura vents on our online store.

Whether your needs are for a passive roof vent or a vent to mount one of our imported German fans under, these vents will meet and/or exceed your expectations.  The vents to be used in conjunction with a power fan have an inverted cone under the flat top to better transition the air out through the sides and reduced turbulence and sound. 


When considering the most effective method of removing heat or moisture understanding how attic venting
affects your home is important.  
Click here for more information. 



TCM Roof Underlayment System: Keep the heat out before it gets into the attic.  A fraction of the cost of
spraying closed cell foam in the attic Click here



Shown here is a new gymnasium for the Phoenix Christian Assembly Church which is wrapped in Diamondback Stucco Foamtm and Thermal Control Membranetm (TCM/4).  The attic has R30 cellulose covered by Thermal Control Membrane (TCM/6). This combination allowed the church to use only 10 tons of the 20 tons installed to cool this structure.

NOTE: You must downsize the HVAC at least 40% when using this construction detail when specifying Diamondback Stucco Foam and Thermal Control Membrane in the attic.





This 2200 sq foot desert home in a Phoenix suburb uses less than $234 per year for heating and cooling (without solar).  Our proprietary designs and systems integration allows an average of 92% of the energy used is done during less expensive off peak times.  This will insure you will have the most efficient, comfortable, safe (concrete walls), secure and healthy home from the ground up.  Consultations, plan reviews, complete design and plan service now available.  Call: 602-867-3176

Click here for more information on how to build the most efficient, comfortable home in a hot climate.



"But how much can I really save, many companies have wild claims about savings?"

Here's an acutal bill one year after our Demand Reduction Package (DRP).  



This is a 2800sq foot Phoenix home that had not only had high energy bills but even at this cost per month the a/c units ran non stop and at the peak of the summer could not cool below 81F.  Hot rooms, high bills, blasts of hot air out of the ducts when the units started, dust problems, duct leaks are not problems, they are symptoms of existing problems.  We have turn key solutions to all of these problems.   It all starts with an $80 home inspection.  A BPI certified home inspector will evaluate your home, identify problems and write you a succinct proposal for the solutions.  The demand went from 12kw to 3.5kw and the comfort was significantly increased.  Here's what the home owners have to say: Click here



This is the Frank Luke Senior Center Phoenix Arizona 650 North 16th Street


Frank Luke under construction. Note the TCM and Diamondback stucco foam being installed.



Frank Luke Completed.  The most efficient multi-family building in Arizona.

This three story assisted care center is going to be comfortable and easy to cool due to the installation of Thermal Control Membrane and our new Diamondback Stucco Foam product on the walls and attic.  This combination effectively keeps heat from moving into or out of the building through the walls.  We used a similar system when we applied our technology to the most efficient home ever built on ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition. 

Does your beautiful kitchen look like a dungeon?  Why turn on hundreds of watts of electricity just
to make a sandwhich?  Virtually every day  there is sunshine on your roof above your kitchen.
We can let the light in without the heat by installing a tubular skylight. See images below:






Tubular Skylights: 25 year no leak warranty & energy efficient.  For an installed price  Click here  



TCM Duct Wrap Click here   Huge benefits, immediate results. 

Click Here for a link to energy incentives across the US.




Our Innovative Green Building Products were chosen for ABC's   


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The time has come to move quickly on making decisions to reduce our consumption of finite, fossil fuels, propagate renewable energy and nurture our planet.  All of us are caretakers and have a responsibility to make changes at every level and inculcate into our children and others, by example, a move in this direction. 

We must immediately address archaic building codes which are not climate specific and begin using available proven technologies as found on this site.  We need to move now to build more energy efficient, sustainable and comfortable homes and buildings.  Our proven products will help you meet these goals.  Before building, buying or remodeling, read this web site thoroughly and please be prepared to "think outside the box".    

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